Tiger Honor Medal Brooch Pin
Tiger Honor Medal Brooch Pin
Tiger Honor Medal Brooch Pin

Tiger Honor Medal Brooch Pin

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With a roar that can be heard two miles away, these endangered animals are the largest in cat species with males reaching a weight of 300 kilograms. The unique all over stripes are never alike for any two tigers, just like our fingerprints. These ambush predators are expert swimmers and skilled stalkers with an excellent night vision but still have a strike rate of only one in 15 attempts.

Our collection of honor medal brooch pins are a decoration to reiterate our commitment to preserve nature and its resources.

Slight variation in embroidery, size, shape and color is part of the handmade craft and may be apparent between pieces; this is not considered a defect but is celebrated as a mark of made by hand.

6 cm L x 3.5 cm W, 2.4” L x 1.5” W

Cotton, Felt, Metal, Sequins & Beads; Hand embroidered