Our Brands

We love timeless design, durability and comfort. You'll find these pillars across all of the brands we feature both in-store and online. Find out more about our brands below!

Manou is the trademark in-house line at Manou Antwerp, specializing in cashmere and other knitwear items. Owner and creative director Manou van Treeck has always been obsessed with aesthetics, colors and textures. First in fashion retail, then as an interior designer and eventually as a franchise owner and product developer for a Japanese cosmetics brand. After 25 years in the beauty industry, fashion came knocking at her door again. She discovered a very special atelier in South Asia, ran by local women. The following years were spent developing and extensively testing out what would become Manou, her eponymous label in cashmere and knitwear. Since it’s launch in 2014, the collection has expanded to a full premium line with shirts, jumpers, cardigans and scarves. You can find all of the Manou pieces in the webshop here.

The TELA label is named after the Italian word for fabric, a reference to the essence of clothing. Well chosen, because that is exactly where founder and designer Federica Mora wants to go with her line. Previously active in the design teams of fashion houses Max Mara and Cerruti, Federica masters perfectly tailored pieces like no other. She may hold the title of creative director, who often leave the real work to their tailors, but Mora is an authentic designer and tailor who's hands on with her designs. During her period at Dolce & Gabbana she specialized further in knitwear. Always looking for the crossover between easy going current fashion and the underlying craft, TELA is a special brand that always continues to surprise.